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Here are a few new items in stock, Dial up users loading will take some time due to photos, we apologize, however it's worth the wait

The parts below are just a sampling of what we have in stock, currently we have over 25,000 part numbers available. Since we do not have an "Old Dude Vintage" catalog you can use Harley Davidson OEM part numbers to inquire about availabilty & price. I do add parts here from time to time, especially items that have been reproduced by us. Hope you enjoy the selection shown here, but if you don't see what you are looking for please email us and check to see if we have it in stock.

We now have a selection of 1035Cp bolts in stock 5/16-24 X 3/4, 7/8, and 1". Part numbers 3974, 3996, and 4000. $4.00 each.

Stainless Steel Muffler Clamps now available! Part numbers 65290-41 and 65293-50 for big twins 50-57 with chrome mufflers, $16.00 Each and 65275-57 for Sportsters and FL 57-69 $14.00 each

Saddlebag Decals 1969-1971 Part # 90943-69/90944-69 $15.00 Each

Tank Decals 1958-1960 XLCH Part # 61780-58/61781-58 $15.00 each

Aux. Seat Clip Assy. 1936-1964 $65.00 Pair

Exact Reproduction Luggage Rack 1936-1957 Part # 53406-36/2818-36A $80.00

Decal for the winter leg shields $15.00

While these aren't exactly new I just thought some of our customers might not know we had them available they are $20.00 each. We have them from 1908-1960 including Hydra Glide and Duo Glide. Part number 5919-08. Please specify year range

Decal for the inside of the boxlid 1951 & on Servi-car $10.00

Full size windshield decal for 1960 & on $10.00

46741-71 Dampner knob decal $10.00

82210-58 1958 & on Servi-car tow bar decal $10.00

4736-44 The finest wiring harness available, Detailed instructions included. Craftmanship unmatched everything you need for your WLA $150.00

1936-1964 Dipsticks $68.00 Full Wing 36-40 Short Wing 41-54 Part number 62625-36

27370-33 Flathead Floatbowls & 27371-36 OHV Floatbowls these are EXACT reproductions down to the casting number $120.00 each

Newly available phillips screws part numbers 2329, 2333, 2349, 2341, and 30011-36 call for prices.

Square head bolts part numbers 5677 $6.00 each, 5674 $8.00 each, 5667 $8.00 each.

Part number 9999 Tie straps, used to hold clutch booster cable 52-67 FL

Brake Lever 42556-36 $30.00

Brake Lever 42560-37 $35.00

Harley Davidson part numbers are used as reference only!

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